Thank You

Thank you. Two little words that just don’t say enough. They certainly don’t explain the feeling in my heart for each and every person who has coached, encouraged, nudged, prodded, pushed, pulled, cheered, goaded, inspired, and just been there for me as I have made my journey on the path to black belt. Thank you to each of you who beat me up, making me stronger, who challenged me, and helped me focus.

I have been so fortunate, so lucky, to have each and everyone of you in my life – I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

So, thank you. I hope that I can give back as much to each of you and karate as it has given me. It’s been a wonderful adventure even when it got hard. The bumps in the road are what helped to strengthen me into the person that I hope I am today. Never give up. You might find a detour takes your journey in a different direction for a little while, I know that I certainly did – it was called the responsiblities of life – but that was a temporary diversion, nothing could keep me from reaching my goal. I have a wonderful karate family of which you are all a part. How amazing that is!

I am deeply indebted especially to Shihan Taylor who has worked with a very difficult student, never giving up on me, pushing me to new heights and helping me to do things that sometimes I wasn’t sure I could. I also owe an amazing thank you to Senseis Taylor, Young and Logan for their help, words of encouragement and helping to make me believe I could really do this. Last, and definitely not least my amazing family who has put up with very long hours training, never grumbling when I said “I’m going to the dojo,” and being the best cheerleaders that anyone could ask for.

Thank you. Thank you one and all. To quote Shihan Taylor, “maybe I should say it in Japanese.” THANK YOU! (Arigato!)