Spirit First

Today, as sadness ripples through the world with the bombing of Manchester fresh in our minds and thoughts, spirit is the word that comes to mind. Spirit first. Technique second. Someone told me that once, relative to training. I’m struck today by how many times in our lives that can same concept can apply.

Let our spirits be strong today in the face of adversity and pain, knowing evil lurks waiting to hurt innocent children. Spirit first as we stand up and say this must stop. Spirit first as we tell each other –  human to human –  we all matter.

Spirit – that indefinable something separating us from every other living thing. We can channel it, and control it and use it to make a change. As I hold the citizens of Manchester in prayer my spirit screams into the universe – no more of the madness. Let your spirit speak and walk alongside your words. Make a difference in the world. One person at a time.