Giving Back

Today was an amazing day in the dojo. I just loved all the new students that turned out to participate in the various events. You could feel the energy charging through the room. The enthusiasm was contagious and the best part was that everyone was having fun while they were learning something really important. It was absolutely amazing.

We held a fundraiser for Japan – raising money to send to send to Sendai, the sister city of our neighbors in Riverside. How wonderful to watch the kids come out and give of themselves when they could have been at home playing, watching television or glued to their video games. It was heartwarming to see how excited they were. We were treated to a great nunchaku lesson by an awesome instructor – of course I’m unbiased, even if it was my husband. Our son was his assistant and did a fabulous job of inspiring the other kids, many of them his age, to keep on practicing.

The highlight were the board breaks. There were some nervous students sitting there on the mats, but they gave it a focused serious try. Each and every one of them was successful and left with a board signed by Shihan Taylor.

I loved today. It was definitely a day for giving back. Giving to those in need in Japan. And personally by giving back to the kids in the dojo some of the help training that I received along the way. Each of us should do that. You just can’t imagine the feeling you’ll get until you give it a try. My heart is happy knowing that there are so many martial arts with hearts two sizes too big for their gis. And I’m happier still that they took the time to learn how to make themselves stronger while helping those who need a hand right now. Congrats to all who came and helped today at the dojo. You are truly awesome.