Not this woman

I just finished reading a story about a wife who was killed by her husband. It was a sensational case about a shooting at the University of Texas. He was the Texas Sniper. Before he killed and injured 40 people he killed his wife, Kathy. She’d just turned twenty-three. If you’ve heard of the Texas Sniper case, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering why you’ve never heard about Kathy before. ┬áThat piece of the story was swept away, buried under the tragedy of the tower shooting. It shouldn’t have been.

My heart is troubled after reading this story. (Read it here) Domestic violence happens more often than we all know. It happens to your neighbor or a teacher. It happens in plain sight and in the dark hours when evil and ugliness feels safe to raise its head.

And it makes me angry. No woman should ever let someone hurt her. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. I’m an advocate for women learning the martial arts, defending themselves so they don’t get hurt. I recognize, everything changes when its a spouse or a loved one. They hold a power harder to break. Sometimes victims feel they deserve it. Sometimes they lack the confidence to stand up and say, “Stop.” A million conflicting emotions let the abuse continue. It’s wrong and it has to end. Women deserve better. You deserve better.

Women in particular need the confidence to say, “No, not this woman.” That’s what every martial arts instructor needs to instill in every single female that comes to train. Start early, when they’re young. Teach them to stand up for themselves. No one should ever touch them without their permission.

If you’re being abused, remember, you don’t deserve it. You matter. You are important. Don’t let them continue to hurt you. Tell yourself, “Not this woman. Not today. Not ever.”

Call and get help.