About My Journey

This blog is a chronicle of my journey towards a goal. I’ve had lots of goals in my life and achieved most of the things that I wanted to.  I am a mother and have raised four of my five children to become adults who can take care of themselves. I have no doubt that my youngest will grow to be a strong, confident man who also will be able to find his way in the world and achieve his goals.

I am a student of Shotokan. I will always be a student of Shotokan. I have great respect for many other styles and have from time to time have had the benefit of  their training, learning valuable techniques that they have to offer. But my heart will always belong to Shotokan. It is a hard style. It requires an equal ability with both hands and legs. It is a tedious style to learn, to master all of the intricacies. It is the style I love. Sometimes I feel like Shotokan runs through my veins. It was always there…I just never knew it.

This is the story of my humble journey towards Shodan…where the true journey begins.

“The more I know the more I realize I have so much more to learn…”

UPDATE: I was awarded my black belt on April 8, 2011. I accepted it with tears and happiness and I am now eagerly training harder to truly learn what it means to be a student of karate-do.

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