New Beginnings

Ahhh…the holiday season has rolled to an end and with it the dojo reopens. Classes resume, with training picking up where it left off. I’m looking forward to seeing the kiddos as they come in tonight. It feels like forever since I curled my toes up on the mats. I wonder if the break feels long to them?

Probably not. They’ll jump right back in where they were eager to keep working on their katas and basics. Adults are different. They’ll want to slowly stretch out the muscles – testing the waters, so to speak. And they’re much more likely to have made some resolution to get back into shape whereas the kids just want to have fun and earn the next belt.

There’s something to be learned from the kids. Quit making it about anything more than having fun. There’s nothing like the feeling when you master a new technique. The snap of the hip as it vibrates when you do a back fist strike. The body vibration as you launch the hips executing a dynamic right-left-right punching combination. Enjoy it. Have fun.

I still feel like a child inside when I learn a new combination or master a new kata. Put the joy back into your training. Relax. Enjoy the ride. Let yourself have fun.

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