Humbled and Excited

Oh my goodness, what a plethora of emotions charging through me today. Tonight there’s a Dan exam with five students each standing to take their Shodan or Shodan-Ho test. And I’ll be sitting on the panel, watching and commenting on them. That, in itself, is quite the humbling experience. I remember so vividly my Dan exam filled with butterflies and nerves.

Even more exciting to me today, though, is the fact that I’ve watched each of these children from the time they first walked into the dojo as white belts until now. They have each been in my classes. The have listened and grown both figuratively and literally. Last night one of the parents called me over after class to show me a picture on his phone. There I was presenting a yellow belt to his son. His son, who tonight tests for his black belt. What changes there have been in this young man! He’s always been studious, serious about his karate, but now he has more confidence and experience. He’s grown into the black belt he’ll earn tonight. Plus, now he towers over me. It’s an odd feeling, watching kids that I’ve helped to train walk the same path I’ve traveled. I’m honored to have been a part of their lives.

The best of luck to all five black belt candidates. You walk in the footsteps of others, on a path few dare take to the end. You’ve got this. May you be as humbled and excited as I am.

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