One Step At A Time

In this fast-paced world we’ve become so accustomed to everything happening at lightening speed that we forget sometimes things take time. I watch when a new student starts training, seeing the glint of excitement in their eyes as they stare longingly at my black belt. They can envision being a Shodan one day. It’s real. It’s tangible. It’s possible.

Then the training starts. Hard work coupled with sweat and sore muscles and suddenly the dream seems just that. A dream. Not something concrete and attainable. The glimmer disappears from their eyes as they slog through their training. That’s where being an instructor gets harder. How can I put the sparkle back in their spirit, letting them renew their excitement and determination? I remember the feeling and I remember the lessons. It’s all one step at a time. Don’t think about anything other than what you’re doing. Do the best one punch you can. Do the best one kick you can. Focus on the fun each of those moments brings and before you know it you’re one rung closer as you climb the ladder.

I was thinking all of those things today as I thought about two of my students. One adult and one child. Each is at different places in their training and yet each feels as far away from black belt as the other. One just earned their blue belt and one just earned their red black belt. One is almost there. But how will they both do it? One punch. One kick. One kata. It really is that simple.

Sometimes we need to take a moment and slow down, enjoy the moments as they happen and keep remembering the lessons that you’re learning on each part of the journey. The two students that I mentioned earlier? I’m proud of both of them. They’ve both worked hard to get where they’re going. I can’t wait to hand them each their black belt, welcoming them to Shodan. That’s where the real journey begins.

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