An Interesting Week

This has been quite an interesting week at karate so far. There’s been this mental adjustment I’ve had to make that has been kind of strange. I equate it to hearing someone saying ma’am in the parking lot and not turning around. Surely they don’t mean me. That’s what its been like when someone has addressed me as Sensei. I’m finding it a little strange to be the one answering to that.

Its also been rather embarrassing to have public acknowledgement about my new belt in almost every class. The kids have been fabulous, cheering and very happy for me. Its making me blush. It also makes me happy to see how much they all support each other – me included. A great team kind of attitude.

What I’ve liked the best about this week has been the message though. If I’m going to blush up to my eyebrows I’m thankful that there is a message and lesson for the kids and adults there. If I can do it anyone can do it. I’m just an ordinary woman and mom, nothing spectacular about me. I just have an attitude that believes I can do anything and a drive to get to the finish line. Lots of people have that. I have especially liked that the girls see someone like them that has done it. What a great thing if we can inspire girls to take control of their lives, get stronger and stay safer. I even know of one mom who has started training. Now if I could just get the rest off of the seats and on the mats, what a happy black belt I would be!

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