Only Two Months

Wow, I just realized that its December already. Okay, yes, I knew it was December first yesterday but it just didn’t seem to connect to me until right now that its DECEMBER now. That means its a month closer to my exam.  Wow!

I’m so excited and so nervous all at the same time. In my mind I visualize the pages of a calendar whipping off in the wind like in some old movie until at last the  calendar stops in February with a huge red circle around the date.

Its a funny thing about goals. Sometimes you work so hard towards them that you never notice when they sneak right up on you like a stealth ninja in the night. There you are standing on the cusp of your goal and you didn’t even see it as it loomed larger and larger on the horizon.

I know that I can’t think about the test, I just have to think about each day’s training. Tiny baby steps that combine together like a mighty leap forward. Kind of like someone saying, “wow, they became a star overnight”. Where were the fans of the actor when they were working hard, practicing, honing their art just waiting for their big break. So it is with a martial artist. Lots of sweat and sore muscles, repetition and practice all leading up to the black belt.

Truth is I wouldn’t have skipped one day of practice along the way. I’ve learned a lot and have so much more to learn before I can with confidence say “I’m a black belt”.

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