Its a Good Pain

Last night was a good workout. It was intense and much more like the old style classes we used to train in. Fast paced and focused we moved from one basic to another with lightening speed.

Admonished to keep our knees bent and stay down we moved forward and back practicing over and over again. It was a really good class. I’m not so sure how my classmates appreciated it, though. The kids in there weren’t used to the orders crisply barked orders that flew at them one after another. They groaned and complained, making faces in the mirror as they were forced to work hard.

I loved it. It was awesome to have that again, especially at this point in my training.

And this morning, when I rolled out of bed I had to remind myself…its a good pain. The kind of pain that helps you to grow as a person. That takes you to a higher level of skill. A pain that brings with it the satisfaction that you are reaching your goal.

Its a very, very good pain.

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